Embark on a Musical Journey with Andrea Carax and Denali Nova's "MAY B U"

In the realm of musical innovation, Southern Italy's prodigious producer, Andrea Carax, collaborates with the soul-stirring singer-songwriter Denali Nova to unveil their latest masterpiece, the enchanting single "MAY B U". 

As Andrea Carax pondered his third single, he envisioned a harmonious marriage of energetic beats and soulful resonance. Inspiration struck when Denali Nova curated a playlist infused with the Afro-soul and Afro-house vibes of artists like Tyla, the chart-topping sensation behind "Water", as well as the soulful prowess of Tiwa Savage, Amaarae, Burna Boy, and Wizkid. This eclectic mix ignited a spark in Andrea, who initially envisioned a jazzy soundscape.

Collaborating seamlessly with Denali Nova, the duo embarked on a transformative journey. While preserving the soulful and jazzy undertones, they skillfully steered the composition towards an Afrobeat fusion, infusing it with an infectious dance tempo. Denali, drawing inspiration from the moment, penned lyrics that add a personal touch, creating an emotional resonance that transcends mere listening.

The enchantment of "MAY B U" manifested when Andrea shared the track with his inner circle—friends, family, and colleagues alike. The infectious energy and unique blend captivated hearts, catapulting the song into the limelight on vlogs and various digital platforms. For Andrea Carax, the organic growth and positive reception of "MAY B U" serve as a testament not only to his musical prowess but also as validation that his creative compass is firmly pointed in the right direction.

Andrea Carax's musical journey is one marked by collaboration and innovation. Having worked with acclaimed songwriters behind hits for global sensations like Rihanna, Beyoncé, J-Lo, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber, Andrea brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the table. His notable collaborations include ventures with Jamaican/Miami artist Sade Serena for the Billboard charting EP, "Jerk Sauce", a partnership with Grammy Award-winning producer J-Vibe, collaborations with Italian label Thaurus Music/Universal, and an alliance with Sisterhood of Hip Hop TV personality and rapper Nyemiah Supreme.

With a rich tapestry of collaborations behind him, Andrea Carax is set to unleash more powerful tracks through his label, Panic Attack Music, so make sure you keep an eye on him.

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