Beginner Trombone Skills - Bronze Arts Award Part D

Part D: Arts skills share — passing on arts skills to others

Beginner Trombone Skills - Bronze Arts Award Part D

In the video I am showing the basics of how to get started with a trombone as a complete beginner. As with any other musical instruments, the trombone requires mastring techniques, hours of practise and dedication to get a result. 

The trombone is pretty simple in its design; 9 feet of brass tubing with a slide section to alter the tubing length, which lowers and raises the pitch. No valves to change note, no keys, and a sound that is deep and prominent. Unlike no other instrument, the trombone has a slide to achieve this. As we move the slide out, it lowers the pitch, and vice versa for when we move it back in, it raises the pitch. The tongue techniques and the lip slurs are very important as well, as these articulate the notes and stop the airflow, producing the desired length of note. 

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Lillyan Ganchev

Lillyan Ganchev

I am a child from London, interested in the Arts.
I have achieved the Discover Arts Award, and completed the Explore Arts Award (currently awaiting for moderation)
I am looking forward to being able to research more arty stuff for the Bronze Award.

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