Whammyboy's Cosmic Journey: "Chop It" Sets the Stage for a Stellar Space-Pop Year

In a world where music constantly evolves, one artist is making a bold stride to ensure that 2023 becomes the year that his signature "space-pop" sound conquers the playlists of music lovers worldwide.

Whammyboy, the Norwegian sensation, is on a meteoric rise, and his latest single "Chop It" is poised to be the next interstellar hit. It follows the success of Whammyboy's previous singles: "Ocean", "Heart" and "Goosebumps".

While Whammyboy's music is undoubtedly rooted in the 21st century, characterized by impeccable production and a contemporary sheen, there's an intriguing layer of nostalgia and yearning woven into his singles. Each song echoes his childhood admiration for artists like Eiffel 65, Alice Deejay, and Tiesto. This sentiment is further enhanced by the echoes of 80s influences, stemming from the music his parents played during his upbringing. "Chop It" beautifully encapsulates this blend of inspirations, showcasing a fusion of modern techniques and nostalgic undertones that transport listeners through time and space.

Noah, the creative force behind Whammyboy, sheds light on the intriguing title of the new track. "It's called that basically because I'm chopping some sounds...it's very literal," he explains. The technique draws inspiration from legends like Daft Punk, channeling their production prowess to craft something truly unique. However, as creative processes often do, it took on a life of its own, shaped by the offbeat basslines that held a special place in Noah's formative years. The result is a captivating composition that seems to have Noah firmly under its spell. The lyrics, he admits, are a departure from the conventional, opting for a vague and expressionistic approach that invites listeners to interpret their own meanings.

Whammyboy's presence on the live stage is nothing short of electric and ecstatic, leaving audiences entranced and yearning for more. He recently graced the stage at Piknik i Parken in Oslo and is gearing up for show-stopping performances at the Pstereo and Reeperbahn Festivals in August and September, respectively. As excitement builds for his upcoming EU and UK tour, anticipation mounts for the release of his "Space Pop Vol 1" EP on September 8th.

In a musical world where innovation knows no bounds, Whammyboy stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of sound. As "Chop It" prepares to hit the airwaves and screens, listeners everywhere are invited to embark on a cosmic journey that defies expectations, blurs genres, and beckons us to explore the universe of music in all its splendor.


Header Image Credit: Sjur Pollen


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