Faroe Island's Rising Star Marianna Winter Releases Catchy New Single 'Consequences'

'Consequences' showcases Marianna Winter's range and versatility as a musician. The track was released on the 28th of April via Tutl Records and has already gained significant support from music tastemakers and radio stations.

Marianna Winter's music is unique in that it combines Nordic sounds with an LA heat, resulting in a fresh and exciting perspective. Her sound has been likened to SZA, Kehlani, and Alina Baraz, which is a testament to her artistry and musical abilities. What sets the soul-pop singer apart is that she's one of the few female artists currently pioneering the lo-fi underground scene in the Faroe Islands.  The single 'Consequences' has a gritty yet catchy pop melody underpinned by a heavily groove-laden bassline, which swags in the pocket, showing off its prowess. 

Talking about the track, Marianna Winter shares “I don't usually go around thinking about stealing puppies or ruining anybody's life, but that deepest, darkest part of me, rooted in jealousy and feeling small, is always there, lurking. She's in every relationship, she's at every party with me, and she's got a mind of her own. It's a part of me that I'm deeply ashamed of, but I've realized shaming her doesn't make her go away, so why not embrace her? A little…‘Consequences’ is her song, her moment to shine. Crazy or not, she’s me and I am her.”

Marianna Winter's 'Consequences' is an excellent addition to her discography and demonstrates her musical talent and artistry. So it is no surprise that Winter's music has gained critical acclaim from several music tastemakers and got her to perform in various festivals, including her debut festival show in her homeland at G! Festival, followed by a performance at UHØRT Festival in Denmark. She is also scheduled to perform in the UK later this year at The Great Escape.


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