Analyzing the Gaming Industry's Latest Trend: Performance Boosting Eyewear

The reason that eyewear could be a major development in the world of gaming accessories is that it can hold health benefits for players as well as securing their long-term performance and comfort. 

Analyzing the Gaming Industry's Latest Trend: Performance Boosting Eyewear

Whether you’re grinding through the levels or preparing to play in a major tournament, all gamers know that comfort holds the key to getting the best out of their performance. We’ve seen many trends flow into the gaming industry including sports drinks and purpose-built chairs, but the latest must-have accessory could be a true game-changer: eyewear.

The reason that eyewear could be a major development in the world of gaming accessories is that it can hold health benefits for players as well as securing their long-term performance and comfort. 

Advancements in the technology that’s encapsulated within lenses means that dedicated gamers will no longer need to put up with the same levels of exposure to harmful monitors, and visual effects that could damage their eyes. 

These lenses can help to improve the wellbeing and performance levels of gamers for any types of titles that could lead to increased screen-time exposure. With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look into the rise of gaming eyewear, and how they can benefit millions of gamers around the world: 

Banishing Blue-Light

Blue-light has become a scourge for avid gamers, even if they might not realize when they’re exposed to its damaging effects. 

For many of us who spend our spare time trying relentlessly to level up and give ourselves the best chance of completing the day’s challenges, our eyes may unwittingly find themselves under much pressure due to prolonged blue-light exposure. 

Spending too much time in front of screens can lead to fatigue, headaches, migraines, dry eyes, and even sleep deprivation. Any of these sound familiar? The chances are that your marathon sessions are taking their toll on your eyes. 


As the image above shows, color temperature is measures in a scale called kelvins, and cooler colors can have a nasty habit of becoming unhealthy when viewers are exposed to it in larger quantities. 

It’s for this reason that Gamer Advantage created specialist blue-light filtering gaming glasses and recently expanded its presence throughout Europe by expanding into more than 25 countries. 

The flagship model of Gamer Advantage’s suite of eyewear is the Sleeper Lens. The eyewear, designed for avid gamers who spend over eight hours a day in front of a screen, absorbs blue-light emitted from screens to protect the wearer’s eyes in as effective a way as possible while still displaying true color. 

The advantages of this eyewear is that gamers experience reduced fatigue through relaxed vision throughout the day, helping to secure better levels of high performance for longer. 

“Our mission is to genuinely improve the well-being of gamers and we are striving to provide a scientifically backed solution that supports the global gaming community with better performance,” said Bryan Reedy, founder and CEO of Gamer Advantage. “We won’t stop until every gamer across the world has access to our game-changing technology that protects gamer’s vision and supports their well-being. Better sleep means better health and performance.”

Optimizing Gaming Comfort

So strong is the gaming eyewear trend that major glasses brands like Oakley have come into their own creating lines dedicated to gaming

Although they’re known for their sporty eyewear, from prescription frames to bold sunglasses designs, the brand has sought to build into the video game industry with their own eye-catching line of frames. 

At the core of their offering is a collection of eSports glasses that have been created with the brand’s Prizm Gaming 2.0 Lens Technology. This video game tech promises more sharper vision and fewer instances of eye strain for gamers who play into the night. 

To launch the new range of glasses are key names in gaming like Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, and Hector ‘Hecz’ Rodriguez, among other leading figures in the industry. 

Crucially, the lenses are also designed to lower levels of blue-light exposure by as much as 30% and are optimized to mitigate the negative straining effects of OLED and LED screens for gamers. They’re also available as both prescription and non-prescription frames, meaning they’re accessible to all. 

Although the notion of creating sunglasses for indoor environments is unconventional, Oakley’s products are striking in appearance and stylish for gamers to utilize–which could make for a great look among streamers. 

Within Oakley’s range is the NXTLVL frames, which are entirely headset-compatible and packed with great tech to help gamers to continue excelling at their passions without causing damage to their eyes. 

Technology has been steadily evolving to provide recent generations of gamers with the levels of comfort they deserve. However, the latest trend of ever-developing gaming eyewear could break the mold as far as innovations go. With performance and comfort assured, it could be the perfect companion for millions readying to grind through the levels on a gaming marathon. 

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