Introducing Thulsa Doom : "We make the films we want to watch"

Introducing Thulsa Doom - an award-winning indie film production company pushing the boundaries of cinema with high-quality, low-budget films with big stories to tell.

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Thulsa Doom is an award-winning indie film production company pushing the boundaries of cinema with high-quality, low-budget films with big stories to tell.

Initially self-funded through renewable and sustainable crypto-mining, three years in Thulsa Doom has produced over 40 shorts and two features. They have positioned themselves as ones to watch and are levelling up with a raft of unique new projects.

The brainchild of Cyrus Mirzashafa, Hector N. Helsing and Micheal Davies, Thulsa Doom was conceived during the pandemic. With a company ethos to represent true indie cinema, work with exciting new and established talent and make the films the trio really want to see.

They say: "There is a lot we don't like in the commercial sector, so we put our money where our mouth is and make films on our own terms; we are three film-loving creative geeks who are passionate about what we do. There is only one rule– make bloody good films".

Meet the Thulsa Doom Team: 

Cinema was a huge part of Cyrus Mirzashafa’s childhood, his sensibilities ranged from The Goonies to 2001: A Space Odyssey.  He says: “with hindsight, I now see the education I was actually getting from the films my father showed me, such as Dog Day Afternoon, Blue Velvet, Elephant Man, The Godfather and the films my brother let me watch when I was way too young: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Terminator, The Warriors.  My mum showed me the classics - Hitchcock to It’s a Wonderful Life, although seeing Bambi for the first time at 6 years old gave me an existential crisis!  My point is… cinema was always there for me - I just didn’t know it at the time”. 

Following a BA in Graphic Design Cyrus took a year out and studied film independently, including the work of Kurosawa, Kubrick, Lynch, Kirostami, Tarkovsky, Tarantino and Malick. Cyrus then took a leap of faith into an MA in Film. He says, “I started living film, film language, film theory - I became fascinated & absorbed by all things film”.

Following the devastating diagnosis of brother with brain cancer,  Hector N. Helsing quit acting school and decided to get into filmmaking directly. As an actor and writer, he pens new material constantly.

Michael Davies studied Fine Art at university. He says: “shooting my very first Super 8mm film was my gateway drug into proper filmmaking”.  He then branched out into music videos and experimental documentaries.

 A snapshot of Thulsa Doom's exciting breadth of content is highlighted below.

 London’s Forgotten - In the urban streets of London, the stories of knife crime victims are connected by a wandering drifter who has loose ends to tie. London’s Forgotten is directed by Liam Pinheiro-Rogers has been accepted at Liverpool Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, Shorts on Tap, the British Urban Film Festival and South London Film Festival.

Jumper - Darrel is doing his best to care for his mum who's suffering from a long-drawn-out illness. Then one night, the usually simple act of refilling a hot water bottle becomes a magical journey into his imagination. Jumper is Directed and Produced by Cyrus Mirzashafa & Michael Davies.

The Yellow Letter – A seemingly impossible film shot between Covid lockdowns, starring Hector N. Helsing in the lead role and directed by Micheal Davies. The Yellow Letter saw the team lean into limitations to capture some of the pandemic madness. The film's fractured structure reflects the character’s separation from both reality and the person he cares about…ending up as a personal portrait of chaos. 

Merger –In this chilling film from award-winning director Daniel Negret, a man's commitment to his job takes a dark and surreal turn for the worst. Merger screened at festivals internationally, including Cinequest, Monster Fest, Nevermore, HorrorHound & Romford Horror Festival.

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