Discover Heartfelt Singer Rachel Ryan With New Single 'I Can't Understand Why'

The rising singer-songwriter in the world of country music is back with new single 'I Can't Understand Why'.

Hailing from New Zealand, Rachel Ryan moved to London to write this new song. The singer has a passion for folk/pop music and aims to be the future of country music. Ambitious but if someone can do it, it's definitely the talented Rachel!

She is inspired by the likes of ‘Mumford & Sons’ and ‘The Civil Wars', a blend that we can find in her original songs featuring an array of soaring vocal harmonies. With a wave of folk stories and often heartbreaking and thought-provoking lyrics, her music is not to be missed. 'I Can't Understand Why' is no exception. This new track is a tribute to Jeff Buckley who died at a young age and questions life and death.

"The inspiration for the song came from me learning about how singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley tragically drowned while going for a swim in the Mississippi river at the young age of 30. So that's where the song starts at the beginning with “I went for a swim In the lake” and it goes on to tell a story of what’s the point/meaning life, what is death and why do such beautiful souls die so young. " - Rachel Ryan

The artist has a promising future ahead of her so don't miss her new releases and follow her here:


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