Do we share a chocolate favourite?

7 July is celebrated as World Chocolate Day, so we want to know what your go-to chocolate treats are!

Do we share a chocolate favourite?

Today is World Chocolate Day, and if you believe the hype it's one of the few days in the year where you can enjoy chocolate guilt free. While we might disagree (there's never a bad time for chocolate) we thought we'd join in and talk about the chocolate that make us feel warm inside. Do we share a favourite? What chocolate do you autopilot towards? World Chocolate Day celebrates chocolate in all its forms – maybe you're more of a hot chocolate person? Let us know in the comments!


I’ll never forget the day I ate my first Daim bar. I was a young lad, 9 or 10, and my friend and I had just found a couple of quid on the floor. Ecstatic at the prospect of stupendous confectionery, we ventured to our local corner shop, and when I told him I’d never had a Daim bar he was insistent that today be my first time. I purchased one such renowned chocolate bar, and the events that followed changed my life forever. (Well, not really. I enjoyed it an awful lot though.)


Dream bar

The original recipe Dream bar that Cadbury’s sold back in the day was elite chocolate, or at least in the opinion of my 7 year-old self. I have vivid memories of being stood in my local Co-op admiring the packaging of this heaven-sent snack, and so when it was brought back into rotation recently, my excitement was reinvigorated. After over a decade of craving the white chocolatey goodness of a Dream bar, it was finally in my hands. Like most other things in life, though, I was left slightly disappointed, and it was probably best left a memory. It may have been down to a recipe change, or the miserable, unavoidable grip of ageing at the hands of Father Time, but it’s just not the same as it used to be.



Despite having a handful of childhood favourites, this chocolate hits them all out of the park for me. I remember the first time I had a bar of the original flavour of tony’s chocoloney, and it wasn’t that long ago. I was in Sainsbury’s, just over a year ago now, looking for some chocolate that my partner and I could enjoy together; I have an incredibly sweet tooth and he is much more of a savoury man. We saw it on the shelf and were intrigued by the packaging at first, so we picked it up, read the back of it, and saw that it contains no palm oil, which is an ingredient that we try to avoid. The fact that we could both enjoy its chocolatey goodness simultaneously speaks highly of the bar. 



For me it's got to be Milka! How else can I live my pretend European fantasy? Not eating Cadburys that's for sure! I don’t know what it is about Milka that is so special, but probably the memory of airports coming back from holiday is why I rate it so highly. You can always get flavours you can't get over here , so it is perhaps the novelty of that as well. Milka is more about the reminder of travel as a kid rather than the actual taste of the chocolate ,but for that alone it stands out above the rest. A personal highlight of all the Milka flavours is Strawberry Milka, which does not sound great but it is the perfect amount of sickly goodness for me. 


The Wonka Xploder

I will never pass up an opportunity to lament the loss of the Wonka Xploder, in my opinion one of the finest chocolates ever to pass my lips. The amount of popping candy in each bar was almost irresponsible, and a single bite could have that exploding sensation take over your mouth for minutes at a time. It was a chocolate I only ever seemed to get at my aunt’s, but the day they discontinued it was truly devastating.


Header Image Credit: Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash


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