Review of John Wick by SA

A review of the film 'John Wick' by Arts Award student SA. 

Review of John Wick by SA

Through the portrayal of the life of John Wick, you can see at the beginning of the

movie that he has lost someone very close to him. John Wick crashes into a wall. He

stumbles out of the vehicle, bloody and extremely wounded. He adds pressure to his

bloody wound as he crawls to the side, and then takes out his phone, and watches a

video of him and his wife Helen on the beach. One popular thing about this movie is

John Wicks dog. As the audience we see him as the person getting revenge on the

man who killed his dog. Even though his dog Daisy was only in the movie at the

beginning, she still played a big role in the movie. Her death sparked a rage in John

and was the trigger for all of the events in the series.

You see in the movie that John Wick has come out of retirement making him a little

rusty when he’s back in the game. The movie already tells you that the name John

Wick is to be feared, and it proves it to you by showing what a killing machine he truly

is. Each shot he takes he never seems to miss, it’s headshot after headshot. Only time

you will see him shoot someone in the stomach is to buy him time to shoot them in

the head.

John Wick is a lethal assassin who is perfect with a gun and can take a perfect shot

from anywhere at any angle. Yet he doesn’t pick up a gun until 29 minutes into the

movie. Every single scene in the lead up to that is meant to build up a picture of the

myth John Wick. Throughout the series John Wick is described in mythic terms. He

lurks behind the shadows and appears when he must get revenge for the wrongdoing

of others. His past gave him the nickname of Baba yaga, but his actions throughout

the franchise further develops his identity as a boogeyman like figure.

One thing that this movie has set itself apart from, is that when John Wick takes his

revenge he doesn't do any heavy monologue, or make his enemy suffer, he gets

straight to the point and ends it immediately. That simplicity makes it so much more


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