Rainbow Six Siege Review by AAC

A review of game Tom Clancey's Rainbow Six Siege by Arts Award student AAC. 

Phew what a blast, The fast pace First-person shooter that leaves you with an after taste of salt or overwhelming enjoyment. This game can be very tilting at times with the shield operators that wiggle around like a fish until they get a kill or ash who still doesn't have a head hitbox. Over the years this game has massively developed and is now seen a lot more often, than when it released in 2015. This deeply engrossing tactical shooter has a wide range of operators from you too chose from so if you don't like the one you'll surely like another in this game teamwork is necessary. Although this game is extremely fun it's not very welcoming to newcomers because of the number of tactics and mechanics you have to get used too from starting the game, but when you've played this game for a while you're sure to be a pro. The community isn't very forgiving and are quite toxic when it comes too in-game. 

The game is available on Xbox 1 and X, PS4 and PS5. I played on PS4. It is an Ubisoft game, developed by Ubisoft’s team in Montreal but with help form other locations across the world, making is a truly global game. The game is a re-boot of the Rainbow Six series that started with the successful Patriots game but struggled after many console developments were delayed making problems with keeping the games engines up to date for new titles. The games uses the Golden 3 C rules to good effect, Character, Control and Camera. This means that as a player you have a good level of feleing like you are immersed in the game. 

I’d give this game a 7/10 because it would be a much harder game for newcomers to get into and learn. 

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