Review: My heart is not my home

My Heart Is Not Home is one of the short pieces featured in "Digital Sharing", a KickItDown Production supported by the BBC Writersroom and The Playground Theatre.

Review: My heart is not my home

'My Heart Is Not Home' tells the story of a woman who finds herself struggling with her love life as she is facing problems with her partner. Intending to do what they call "Blue Therapy", she goes to a parking area by the sea only to pay a new ticket for every hour that passes. Alone, she begins to fantasise about a boyfriend from her youth, how happy she was, and how it might be time to impose some limits on her current relationship.

The monologue, written by Clare Campbell, directed by Chris Hallas, featuring Emma Bowen's incredible performance as our main character's voice, is a beautiful and very moving piece. As the character goes deeper into her thoughts and reflections, her words get very descriptive. This pairs perfectly with the film that actually has no visuals. Instead, you can imagine everything as and when she tells you about it.  

There is something about the character's perception of time in this piece. From what we know from her monologue, she finds herself in a situation that she apparently can't control. Time becomes such an important element in the story that we could consider time an unspoken, invisible character of great importance. 

It is interesting how the protagonist makes us witnesses – thanks to a brilliantly written script – of her desperate attempt to control the pressing situation she is experiencing, as well as an attempt to control the time that seems to be escaping her. 

In her car during Blue Therapy, she "travels'' to the past and thinks of an idealised man who, in some way, helps her get out of her current situation. She also returns to the present and reflects on her future, which further enlightens the audience about this character's psychology. 

This time management allows her to gain a false sense of control of her situation. But what does all this do to the plot? As time is such a relevant element, it could be said that the plot somehow moves around it and the paths taken by the reflections of our main character. 

The script is very subtle and plainspoken about certain feelings, which achieves a perfect balance. In the end, you get a wonderfully written piece: you understand the character, empathise with her, and when her voice breaks down a little because she's realising something or has remembered something from her past, you might shed a tear. 

My Heart Is Not Home is moving, emotional and slightly heartbreaking, and it would not be overselling to say I was amazed by this piece. 

Watch My Heart Is Not Home here: (27:38 mins in)

Header Image Credit: KickItDown Productions


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