This is my review for and against stop motion. 

For my Gold Arts Award, I decided to do Stop-Motion Animation. This was a new level of learning for me and something that I enjoyed creating. My issue of concern is that people feel that Stop-Motion is a waste of time.

Film blogger David Cox produced an article called, “Why Stop-Motion doesn’t move me”. David proceeds to explain how Computerised Animation can do anything that Stop-Motion can do, including depicting puppets, but also a substantial deal more. He additionally goes on to state that CGI can do peculiar and small scale, as well as vast and amazingly complex interactions. 

Despite the large amount of work it requires, Stop-Motion is the cheaper route, whereas CGI has an entire team of expensive workers, programming complex effects. Hotel Transylvania’s budget was over twice the amount of Frankenweenie’s budget of $39 million.

Although Stop-Motion is a much easier and cheaper alternative, CGI can also achieve more than Stop-Motion like bringing things to life. This is used a lot in modern movies. 

In addition, telling a Stop-Motion story can be very tough, as every second requires 24 individual shots, although some creators may prefer the lower rates. This means that every single second of footage requires a team of people to alter the objects’ position/posture, which takes an exceeding amount of work.

In summation, CGI and Stop-Motion are both good forms of animation, however both require hard work to be produced. Both forms can be used to create amazing pieces of animation.


A and C studios

Tv blog-my stop motion internship


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