Banksy- The Moco Museum

My Review of the Banksy exhibition in the Moco Museum

Banksy- The Moco Museum

In the summer holidays of 2018, my family and I went to Amsterdam. We went online to see if there were any interesting places and this exhibition, in the Moco Art Museum (Modern Contemporary Art Museum), of Banksy's works had been recently put up. So the next day, we went to the Museum Quarter and took a look.

Banksy's works have bold statements and meanings, and his works give way for street-art which are usually considered as vandalism. When I first entered the museum, we saw many rooms surrounding us, all with Banksy's works. My father and I were very lost, since the staff had very unintelligible Dutch accents, so instead of asking help, we followed the signs up, to the top-most floor.

Here there was only one room, however, there were many paintings. There was one with a girl hugging a bomb, symbolising innocence wrapped around the bad/guilty thing. That was my favourite painting in that room. We went back downstairs to see the other paintings.

We went first to the room named CCTV. This room had paintings which saw either a large group of people gathered or pictures of people watching over other people. There was a very interesting painting in this room called The Auction. This painting had a scene where people were bidding for a painting with the words 'I can't believe you idiots would even buy this s' on it as well as showing that they had gone up to 100,500,000 for the painting.

The next room we went into was Laugh Now. This room had panels and panels of monkeys with signs and words plastered across their chest. The line which stood out for me was 'Laugh Now, But Someday, We'll Be In Charge.' This stood out to me because this was originally designed for a nightclub, and I wouldn't usually think that this kind of thing would be outside of a nightclub.

I really loved how in some of his art works, he mixed the conventional with the unconventional and it really added to the feel of the whole place since it was the first piece of art we saw. This museum was very nice, and I think that it added to the atmosphere since it wasn't in a conventional museum.

A way to get rid of the language barrier, would be to have people who haven't got very strong accents to then help those who cannot understand them because they could then help them a whole lot more.

Overall, I think that this museum had a great collection of his works, and even the way that they were assembled was good.


Kavya Kumeria

Kavya Kumeria

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 9 December 2018, 18:04 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Great review Kavya! Would you mind adding a profile image and a biography to your profile? We'd love to know more about you!

    I've seen the exact same exhibition in the Moco museum! I thought the juxtaposition of having graffiti art in a stately townhouse was quite interesting! Do you think it added to the effect? Would it have been better or worse to show in a more conventional museum?

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