Luca Cupani: God Digger

Did you know that all catholics go to heaven?

Luca Cupani: God Digger

Luca teaches us all about the catholic faith in this humorous hour of sin. Religion is not a rare topic on the comedy circuit, but to hear from a practicing catholic is quite refreshing.

Luca spends the hour detailing the specifics of catholicism in witty analogies that make it relatable to the non-religious. He explains the ‘ins and outs’ of getting onto the celestial real estate ladder, from heaven (the penthouse) to hell (the council estate). 

And if any of you thought Purgatory was going to be a comfy ride, well apparently it’s the Ryan Air equivalent for your soul. He explains the roles of the catholic saints, who are basically superheroes from the Avengers. Who knew Catholicism was so much like Hollywood?

Sweet and eager to please Luca’s humour is clean and family friendly, he avoids picking on the audience and apologises profusely at having to say the slightest profanity, his embarrassment is quite endearing.

The flow was strong through the religious matter, but soon moved somewhat unexpectedly onto his other career pursuits and experiences of living in London. Each section was funny but a more cohesive thread linking the whole set throughout would have improved the overall effect. Luca’s delivery, beautifully spoken with an Italian inflection, could be tighter and more direct.

Somewhat of a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Luca is also a t-shirt designer and an aspiring actor.  He will be performing in another show here at the Fringe: Matthew 19:14. 

This is one for all the saints and sinners out there…

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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