For the Record

From Dusty Springfield to Peggy Lee, join Toby for an hour of music and poetry

For the Record

Taken back to an era of vinyl records and smooth jazz, I join Toby in his living room as we listen to his favourite records that inspire his rhapsodic and elegant poetry. 

Affable and awkward, Thompson greets us with a freshly brewed cafetiere of coffee. The venue has been remodelled into a living room with a piano and vinyl player at the back, potted plants and collections of records are stacked on the surfaces. There is a warm glow emitting from the shaded lamp in the corner which creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere, and I feel very much at home. 

Toby’s poetry conjures vivid experiences from the emotional checkpoints of his life. Barefooted, Toby moves around in a lope-some gait as he delivers eloquent poetry inspired by the music of Peggy Lee, Dusty Springfield, Getz & Gilberto and Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks. Verbal acrobatics and sophisticated similes are woven together in this hour of poetic brilliance. 

Spoken with an endearing self-awareness and timidity, Toby’s verse is enlightened and informed. His spasmodic and twitchy gestures distract somewhat from the fluidity of the delivery but his impassioned enthusiasm is endearing. 

Imagine yourself reclined in an armchair, smoking a cigar, sipping a whisky on the rocks as the sound of Toby Thompson’s vinyls play. 

Slow and considered, Toby’s show is a welcome break from the hectic mayhem of modern life. If you're a fan of 20th century music and spoken word then this is for you!

Pleasance Courtyard @ 15:15

For tickets and details visit:


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