Zangi Live!!

Award winning Kenyan music artist!

Zangi Live!!

I really wanted to go to the concert Zangi, the main Guitarist/singer/artist, was leading plus my whole family were going, it was also a free event and a bunch of my friends were going too, i was especially interested in hearing the different style of music they would be performing.

The concert was in a school hall that housed between 100 and 150 people and was filled to overflowing, Cream Teas were handed out and Tea, coffee, squash were also available. The band started playing at around 5pm until 6pm, and were positioned on the temporary stage at the west side of the hall, they got the audience to dance, clap, and cheer and created a brilliant atmosphere of laughter and merriment with their music.

As i mentioned before, Zangi was a ,london based, kenyan music artist but recently moved into the swindon area and has been there for a year and a half, also teaching me Guitar along the way. He led the band of a few of his good friends, and helped arrange the concert. He has won multiple awards, and been voted best male artist of the year in the Sauti Awards twice, Zangi has released many hit singles.vr;hb

His music is a mixture of his native kenyan tongue and a mostly upbeat gospel tune with some splashes of reggae, mirroring what he performed at the concert creating a inclusive environment.

“Entering the performance hall it was already filling up rapidly and there was a low hum of chatter throughout, and many people were absent-mindedly sipping cups of tea or coffee, while taking excited glances at the stage. The hall was filled with chairs surrounded by windows on the south and east walls, and the stage looked slightly makeshift/temporary.”

I found it really cool to experience a totally different style of music and  It seemed a very simple layout but to play amazing music you don’t need an amazing stage, an amazing venue, or brilliant instruments, you just need a band who love to play. This helped to give me a new perspective on music and performing it, as developing talent and nurturing a passion for music gives the best outcome for it.

Also what struck me was the improvisation of all of the musicians, after the concert Zangi revealed that he only had half an hour to rehearse before it started, because the band arrived late, and none of them had music, no chords, words, keys just an idea for what they were going to play, with a passion and adaptability to execute it. Their ability to follow what the lead player -in this case Zangi- was doing and not only follow it, but to also add their own twist, really inspired me and gave me motivation to do the same. 

Overall i definitely enjoyed the concert and especially the music for its originality and character.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 11 July 2018, 10:17 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Awesome stuff, Caleb! I've never heard of Zangi music before; would you recommend these people to others?

  • Summer Ford

    On 13 July 2018, 14:27 Summer Ford commented:

    Aw, well done brother!

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