'Here Come the Runts' - Awolnation

Possessing a unique sound of what I would describe as 'electro-rock', the American almost-decade-old band Awolnation released their third studio album earlier this year - here's why it's a must-listen...

'Here Come the Runts' - Awolnation

Formed in 2009 by lead singer Aaron Bruno, himself and the rest of the band released their first studio album Megalithic Symphony in 2011, which has since been certified platinum.

I hadn't heard of the band until 2013, when my brother played me a track of theirs on this album titled Sail, which I had not heard anything quite like it - a steady riff of rock accompanied by vibes of electronic music to form an easy-listening yet inimitable melody and sound. I gave the whole album a listen months after, at which point I had no idea what I was missing out on since those couple of years back when the album was available for the public's ears to enjoy. I was drawn in by every track on the album, during the instance which I was listening to each track for the first time - I had definitely found a favourite band despite not being familiar with them for long.

This was, however, their first album I am talking about - though I still feel this information is relevant for this review, as I had the exact same experience with their new album, Here Come the Runts.

It checked all of the boxes of what their previous albums featured. Energetic tracks such as Miracle Man and Tall, Tall Tale mixed with some balladic tunes such as Table For One and My Molasses, with some tracks being more rock-oriented than electronic and vice versa. The self-titled, opening track Here Come the Runts reeled me in to the album and reminded me how they can still make such innovative tunes while staying true to their unique sound.

Equipped with a synthesizer among the usual rock band instruments, Awolnation's music provides an alternative take on modern day rock which can also pass as casual music, giving listeners the choice of background or focused listening.

Whether you're a Spotify listener, Amazon Music streamer or good old CD collector like myself, Here Come the Runts certainly has its place on your platform - perhaps even your album of the year!


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 4 April 2018, 16:27 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I only knew Awolnation due to "SAIL!" and the endless memes that came with it. I might give them a try!

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