What is normal?

Haunting masks, acappella Italian opera and an abundance of vitamin C pills, 'What is normal?' has truly pushed the boundaries of absurdity.

What is normal?

The piece followed a woman struggling with an unidentified mental illness, for which she must consume a variety of pills to return her to stability. This stability is questioned throughout; Who has the power to control what is normal? Why are we suppressing people's abnormalities? Conclusion: no chuffing clue.

Seemingly with no direction, this one-woman production was a truly uncomfortable experience.

Being handed a glass of unidentifiable pills within the first two minutes of the piece was perhaps a sign from the outset. The dialogue was unintelligible, the movement was under-rehearsed and the singing was painfully feeble. Set in the front room of a bar the space was just far too intimate, considering all its madness. Branded as a physical theatre piece, this resembled more of an absurdist horror. Think 'The Mighty Boosh' - on steroids.

The overall message was unclear, but between the laughable half masks and a lone woman growling at a table – one could conclude that drugs are dangerous in the hands of a delusional solo actor.

This collection of unexplained howls, whispers and downright creepy moments of unwanted eye contact just made the audience want to help this poor, delusional woman. 'What is normal?' would leave even Noel Fielding lost for words.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 15 May 2017, 10:46 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I would've thought the The Mighty Boosh on steroids would've been a good thing...but apparently not.

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