Loyiso Gola: Dude, Where's My Lion?

Bringing a quirky and laid-back approach to challenging social issues, this South-African comedian really helped to relieve the tension in a unique way.

Loyiso Gola: Dude, Where's My Lion?

It's probably quite difficult for comedians these days to create risqué humour without stepping on a nerve or two and ending up completely ruining their reputation. Loyiso Gola, however, is a very clear exception to the rule.

Gola succeeded in this routine to joke about issues such as religion, racism and modern politics with a relaxed tone to his humour, without being too in-your-face and boisterous. By also making use of his experiences of growing up in apartheid-era South Africa, he also taught us to learn about other people from other cultures before judging them - a message that should, in my opinion, be ingrained in everyone's minds by now.

Whilst he was at times a little bit slow with his humour, and occasionally made people a little bit uncomfortable with his jokes, Loyiso Gola certainly caught up with himself and got the whole room giggling, both comfortably and uncomfortably. If you want to open your mind as well as have a laugh, go and see this man!

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