Morgan & West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show for Kids and Childish Grownups

The time travelling victorian duo will knock you into next week with their acts

Morgan & West’s Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show for Kids and Childish Grownups

The gentleman magicians are back once more, this time doing a show aimed for the younger Fringe goers. The Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show for Kids does exactly what it says on the tin. It has magic. It is spiffing and spectacular. It is also for kids (and childish grownups).

While it is apparent that this is a children's show, aimed squarely at those less cynical and jaded by the ravishes of time, there is certainly enough to keep the adults entertained to. Subtle jokes and remarks that would go straight over a child's head, have the adults in the audience laughing.

The show was well polished, with the patter feeling natural and humorous. There are points where I was reminded of skits by the Mighty Boosh, with excellent wordplay and presence. The duo dominated the stage with their larger than life personality, and captivated the audience with their impressive magical prowess.

In an almost selfish way I wish the children weren't there. "Tom," you say, "it's a children's show, they are the target audience." Yes, they are. But i felt they weren't appreciative enough of the feats of magic being presented to them.

Morgan and West are charismatic, witty, and masters of deception. If the kids are driving you mad, or you want to tap into your inner child, you would be doing yourself a huge favour by going to see this show!



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