Jéermain Impresses With Latest Single “Long Time No See”

Rising Ghanaian artist Jéermain has once again captured the hearts of music lovers with the release of his latest single, "Long Time No See".  

Jéermain Impresses With Latest Single “Long Time No See”

Known for his unique blend of Afrobeats, indie-pop and R&B, Jéermain's music reflects the experiences of introverted, soft-hearted loners navigating life in an African society. His introspective lyrics draw from personal experiences, exploring the complexities of youth, love and the pursuit of one's dreams.

"Long Time No See" delves into the universal theme of life choices and the pursuit of happiness. In the song, Jéermain invites listeners to reflect on their own life decisions, acknowledging that every choice comes with its set of pros and cons. The track encourages a sense of contentment in the paths we choose, resonating with those who have faced the challenging task of balancing creativity and societal expectations.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Jéermain revealed that it was born from a candid conversation with a friend about the struggles of pursuing a creative career in a traditional African society. He shared, "In my bedroom, with a producer friend, we were talking about the difficulties of being a creative in a traditional African society. I was telling him that my mom wants me to come home and get a more sensible job and finish my degree. He was telling me how difficult it is to find people who value him and to get paid fairly. Anyway, that's what the song talks about. It's kind of me imagining what would happen if I had chosen the more traditional sensible route and had a good-paying job that I may or may not have been miserable at vs what I'm doing now surviving on music, part-time jobs and vibes."

"Long Time No See" is poised to resonate with audiences globally, capturing the essence of embracing one's choices and finding contentment in the journey. Jéermain continues to inspire listeners with his distinctive sound and thought-provoking lyrics, solidifying his position as one of Africa's emerging musical talents to watch. “Long Time No See” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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