HarryBigButton Unveils A Diverse Sonic Journey with "Big Fish"

As a devoted rock enthusiast, I was thrilled to dive into HarryBigButton's latest offering, the highly anticipated third full-length album titled "Big Fish". If you're looking for your new favorite rock band, look no further!

HarryBigButton Unveils A Diverse Sonic Journey with "Big Fish"

The Korean post-hard-rock group, celebrating their twelfth anniversary, has truly delivered a masterpiece that effortlessly weaves together a myriad of genres across all ten tracks. From ballad to metal to classic rock influences, there's definitely a track for everyone in the album regardless of your music tastes.

The trio which debuted in 2011 and consisting of Sungsoo Lee on guitar and vocals, Sukjae Woo on bass, and Bokyung Choi on drums, has navigated various challenges to bring "Big Fish" to life, embodying its themes perfectly. If you're wondering where their name is coming from, they chose HarryBigButton after a slang term for a vintage car stereo with big buttons.

The genesis of "Big Fish" was not devoid of trials. The pandemic wove disruptions into the fabric of its creation, causing an interim pause in 2020 after only half the album's release in the form of an EP. Unfazed by these hurdles, the band's tenacity shone as they navigated the challenges, methodically assembling the remaining tracks. Thus, the album's fruition stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication.

These adversities surmounted and the band's enduring presence infuse an extra layer of profundity into their latest offering. "Big Fish" becomes an emblem of triumph against adversity, showcasing the unflagging resolve of HarryBigButton to share their music with the world. With an assortment of styles that traverse a musical spectrum and an emotional depth that defies boundaries, the album becomes a canvas for the band's artistic prowess. Be it the enthralling melodies or the introspective verses, "Big Fish" embarks the listener on a cathartic odyssey, resonating deeply within our soul.

As an aficionado of rock's myriad shades, several tracks evoke echoes rock legends such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Metallica. The amalgamation of styles and the excavation of profound sentiments conjure a sweet sensation of nostalgia, bridging the gap to an era defined by raw energy and genuine authenticity. The album's musical landscape becomes a vessel for the palpable influences of that bygone era, imparting a nostalgic flair that intertwines with its contemporary essence. In its essence, "Big Fish" encapsulates the timeless potency of classic rock while plumbing the depths of emotional intricacies.

The lead single's choice, "Big Fish", bearing the name of the album is the most standing out track for me. This song will unfortunately hit home for many of us, as a tribute to loved ones that we lost too early. Sungsoo wrote this song as an homage to his father, who played a profound role in shaping his identity. Which makes the album's name even more meaningful.

While the band is slowly gaining recognition outside of Korea, they are true rock stars there since they appeared on the national TV show "Top Band" in 2012. With their third album, they are ready to take over the world and we definitely won't complain.



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