Kirsty Mann: Skeletons

Kirst has a secret. Something she's kept from her friends for over 10 years, and it's causing her to live a double life…

Kirsty Mann: Skeletons

Kirsty is a doctor, and a comedian, and an actor, and she's juggling all those things with her social groups - masking different parts of herself in the hope that people will take her seriously in her different professions. 

And how can you not take her seriously? She's a comedian/actor with a reasonable grasp of generic accents, and a firm grasp of comedic timing. And, a doctor who supported the nation through its biggest crisis since 1939. An individual so committed to pretending to not be a doctor that she failed to get the part of a doctor in Holby City. 

This show is how Kirsty came to deal with that double life, with a healthy dose of antics from the friends she hid it from. Covid-19 isn't shied away from, but it's not given prominence, acknowledged enough to show that the trauma is still being processed by Kirsty and the public at large.  

This is a surprisingly intimate show, even with the hyperbolic lens held up to real world events. Kirsty had the audience in the palm of her hand, and although there were slower moments, she had gained our trust enough to be permitted the space to bring it back. Kirsty is naturally hilarious, and a great raconteur – guiding us through some hysterical situations and more tender moments with aplomb.

She’s definitely one to see while you’re at the Fringe. 

Read our interview with Kirsty Mann here. 

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