French duo oda. unveils soulful debut single 'Great Fortune'

Promising new music duo oda. has recently taken the music scene by storm with their soulful and poetic sound. Comprised of Anna Bozovic and Théo Noël-Apperry, the pair's musical journey began over a decade ago when they first met in high school.

After exploring various musical and theatrical endeavors, Anna and Théo found themselves together in June 2022, forming the musical duo, oda. The captivating chemistry between the two has resulted in a distinctive musical style that feels like a genuine meeting of hearts and minds.

In their cozy studio near Angers (France), Anna and Théo have crafted a distinctive creative process for their musical compositions. Théo takes charge of composing and recording all the instruments, while Anna skillfully crafts the evocative lyrics and melodic arrangements. Each of their songs is akin to a heartfelt confession, a safe haven that leaves listeners feeling understood and connected.

In January 2023, oda. caught the attention of Chabada (SMAC Angers) and joined their prestigious Équipe Espoir. Building on this recognition, they proudly present their debut single, "Great Fortune". The song was released on June 23, 2023, and it takes listeners on a poetic journey into a hybrid folk universe. The seamless fusion of piano and analog synthesizers, acoustic drums, ethereal bass, and a compelling blend of Anna's vocals, all contribute to the enchanting atmosphere of the song.

"Great Fortune" revolves around the theme of love and heartbreak, with Anna's vocals delicately expressing the vulnerability and melancholy of a love gone awry. The emotional intensity of the song captures the essence of human experiences, making it relatable to anyone who has ever grappled with lost love.

While "Great Fortune" is primarily in English, oda. promises to take us on a multilingual journey. Anna's Franco-Serbian heritage will inspire future songs in both French and Serbian, offering an even richer and diverse musical experience.

As a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come, "Great Fortune" serves as the first piece of a longer format expected to be released in early 2024. The duo's artistic endeavors continue to blossom, and they have already unveiled a captivating music video for the single, directed by Arthur Gouté, adding a visual dimension to their enchanting sound.

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