Book Review: Secrets & Lies, Tales of an Employment Lawyer by Gillian Howard

Riveting legal tales from a high-level employment lawyer makes for page-turning reading.

This post may contain mature or challenging content.

Inspiring reading for anyone considering a career in law, it's clear from the get-go that Gillian Howard relishes her job and has spent her 40+ years working life standing up for the underdog.   Gillian takes on global corporations fearlessly; with one hand fighting like a ‘rottweiler with a handbag’ and the other hand holding reassuringly onto her often-vulnerable clients.

Even as a child Gillian stood up to playground bullies, now the bullies are just bigger and on a global scale.   With people like Gillian out there often working pro bono and standing up to racists, sexists, and anyone with discriminatory views or hatred for minority groups, we can one day hope the world might be a better place.

The names are changed, of course, to protect the innocent and the guilty. The Chapters are the subjects ‘names’; Abigail, Bianca etc (which rather reminds me of my mother’s Jilly Cooper books).

The cases shared in Secrets & Lies are all employment law based – some are shocking, angering, thought-provoking and horrific.  One criminal law case is included, which provides some light relief in the form of a lad who responds to court examination exclusively using Abba songs (apparently for a bet).

Gillian’s good nature, sharp mind, and humor shine through - cheerily shouting, ‘Off with his testicles’ -regarding one horrible sex pest and embracing her ‘rottweiler with a handbag’ nickname with glee.

These cases - saucy and salacious tales - can be enjoyed individually and make perfect coffee time or beach reading – and excellent conversation starters.

Secrets & Lies is a page-turner and an eye-opener for anyone with an interest or even passing curiosity about the legal world and the wrong-doings of big business.  


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