Life of the Party by Sikisa

A comedy show meets a house party in a fabulous display of energy.

Life of the Party by Sikisa

Sikisa truly was the life of the party, as her show was a delicious blend of dance breaks and comedy with a hint of social commentary. She takes the audience through her night at a house party, blasting music, showing us some dance movies, and most importantly, sharing some hilarious anecdotes. 

Sikisa blends her party stories with her perspective as a black woman, telling us about some incredulous yet all too common situations: her "Karen" friend discussing her DNA test results with Sikisa's black friends at the house party, painfully obsessed with being 1% Indian; and being told that she's not black enough, because apparently black people don't listen to rock music! Her jokes elicited wry smiles and plenty of laughs. Especially her little dig at the lack of diversity at the Fringe! 

The audience were engaged throughout, as Sikisa played a chatterbox game with an audience member, and made the crowd feel fully immersed in her house party. But the laughter didn't end with her show! Each audience member received a party bag to take home, which provided a little bonus laugh! It was full of call backs to her jokes: a twix bar referencing a sex joke; a lovely thank you card with her details, so that we can contact her for any immigration queries (since she is an immigration lawyer);and a #gsd pin to help her spread a new trend she's trying to start! 

If you want to go to a party without actually going to a party, and love a comedy, then this is the show for you!

Read our interview with Sikisa here

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