Emma Ayz "Animus" EP review

A luscious offering of reflective and atmospheric folk-pop

Emma Ayz "Animus" EP review

Animus, the debut EP from LA-based singer-songwriter Emma Ayz is a luscious offering of folk-pop moodiness. Warm, reflective, and spacious; it holds an atmospheric sound reminiscent of artists such as Joshua Burnside or Conrad-era Ben Howard, and is utterly beautiful. Hardly in Love drifts into a bluesy vein, whilst single Blind is carried by gorgeously moody guitar lines and ethereal vocal layers, crafted into a hypnotic mix capable of stopping you in your tracks. Animus is an EP that belongs to the quiet stillness of a summer’s evening, when the world feels to hold only you.

Animus is out now everywhere

Header Image Credit: Aubrey Trinnaman


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