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Gabriela Muñoz is one of five artists commissioned by the London International Mime Festival to bring their work to the festival’s online selection.

Gabriela Muñoz is one of five artists commissioned by the London International Mime Festival to create a short film that isn’t driven by spoken text as part of the festival’s online material.  

The London Mime Festival 2022 is running until 6 February, both in person and online. Access to online shows can be found here.

Dizzy camera work and distorted sets feature in Mexico-based clown Gabriela Muñoz’s short film Plant, which follows a mime through her life in what is seemingly an ornate prison cell.

The protagonist has a monotonous and simple yet joyful life in what appears to be a space age hobbit home (designed by the amazing Javier Senosiain), living a sort of Groundhog Day existence of spotty fruit, blank jigsaws, and monotone paintings.

But when one day she wakes up without her normal joie de vivre, her home becomes a prison, and she begins to go a little stir-crazy. Her descent into frustration and madness is portrayed excellently, the camera looping through Senosiain’s - at times - disturbingly organic architectural passageways.

Overall, the piece is incredibly entertaining, both for its charming simplicity and terrifying sci-fi dystopian feel – the words ‘clown husbandry’ come to mind. Muñoz is an incredibly talented artist and a delight to watch.


Dulcie Geist

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