Kickstarter: Media Sub-editor

Join our team as a Kickstarter. We're offering 7 roles in all and on this page are details of joining us as a media sub-editor.

Kickstarter: Media Sub-editor

Work with our team to create exciting, engaging and informative content for young people aged 14-30.

You will discover, profile and share multimedia content from across the creative world, and work with the team to produce and edit multimedia content. 

You will explore a wide array of digital content, develop reviewing skill and oversee a dedicated area on the website.

You’ll need to be curious, with an interest in different media forms, keeping up to date with the latest online trends and viral sensations. You’ll need to be happy to work from home and manage your time independently. You’ll also require some basic audio and video editing experience, and experience with interviewing people will be advantageous. It will help if you know how to use social media and upload to a website, but you can learn this on the job!

These are the tasks you’re likely to do:

  • Create and edit podcasts
  • Help to edit audio and video created by our network of Voice Contributors
  • Curate media for the Media from Voice page
  • Create audio and video content
  • Create images for our social media and website
  • Curate monthly Spotify playlists
  • Work with the Assistant Editor to create, schedule and promote social media content
  • Collaborate with Voice Contributors and other young journalists
  • Write reviews and blogs 

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