Call for Government to support £1 billion opportunity for British music exports

The BPI issues a report directed at the Government to support British music exports.

Call for Government to support £1 billion opportunity for British music exports

British music has long been a global cultural phenomenon, charting back to the days of Beatlemania. Now, with the establishment of modern streaming services, the reach of British music has been amplified even further, as displayed in a new BPI (British Phonographic Industry) report titled All Around The World. This explains how music exports can be propelled to over a billion pounds by 2030 with Government help. 

As with most professions, the tide has shifted for the music industry after Brexit launched the UK into becoming an independent trading nation. Consequently, the Government is under pressure to support British music for not only the benefit and protection of those working in the industry, but also for the UK’s economy and cultural influence abroad against international competition. In particular, this would include renewals of schemes that promote British artists, to add incentives to UK music production for investors, and to ensure high standards of copyright protection. 

Geoff Taylor, the Chief Executive of BPI, states: “We are at a pivotal moment for British music on the global stage. As the UK works to build back from Covid-19 and forge its future as an independent trading nation, music can play a vitally important cultural and economic role… We are today putting forward a plan to work with Government to support touring and showcasing by more UK artists and deliver substantial growth in UK music exports.” 

For the Government to make such efforts would be highly advantageous, as validated by the British musical talent that is currently dominating the global charts such as Dua Lipa, Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran, to name only a few. It would also give smaller independent acts the backing that they need to fulfill their potential. Such assistance is needed more than ever due to the devastating blow that Covid-19 has dealt to the arts industries, and the BPI’s report provides hope for the universal treasure that is British music and the people that shape it. 

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