Nova Grace Productions wins Best Newcomer at Brighton Fringe 2023

We are proud to announce that the award for Voice’s Best Newcomer to Brighton Fringe Award 2023 goes to Nova Grace Productions for their ‘beautifully poignant’ and cathartic show, ‘Unlocked’.

Nova Grace Productions wins Best Newcomer at Brighton Fringe 2023

Nova Grace Productions, with choreographer Karen Hill, first devised the dance piece during lockdown. Meeting on Zoom in December 2020, the dancers created a performance piece that used their constricted spaces to incredible effect. The live performance incorporated projections of that initial Zoom show, along with other footage of life during the pandemic, creating a documentary-like piece of dance that managed to take something truly devastating and make it feel hopeful and uplifting.  

When reviewing ‘Unlcoked’, local reviewer Amy-Louise Tilley described the show as having “ a beautiful balance” and that it was “healing to reflect on the past few years. 

The dancing itself was exquisite and there were so many creative ways they created movement, which made the piece feel fresh and exciting.”

Voice editor, Tom Inniss said:

“It was a difficult year to make the choice, every shortlisted show deserved to win. We eventually chose Unlocked because of its clear impact on the audience, who are still unpicking the trauma of the last few years.”

Five shows were shortlisted for the Best Newcomer Award, and each of them provided something different and exciting to enjoy. 

  • A Guide to Therapy for Terrible People – Joe Kirkwood
  • Amy Webber: No Previous Experience – Amy Webber
  • Lost, Anxious, In Your Twenties? – Unzipped Theatre
  • The Art of a Damaged Soul: The One Woman Show Adaption – Gabriella Leonardi
  • Unlocked – Nova Grace Productions [Winner]

Keep an eye on the Brighton Fringe Voicebox, as we’ll be adding our final reviews, interviews with the winners, and more news about Brighton Fringe in due course. 

You can read Amy-Louise’s review of Unlocked here

Header Image Credit: Nova Grace Productions


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