Interview with Kamila Szewczuk, New Creative

Kamila talks to us about they New Creative film, Mirrors, detailing the inspiration and the creative process.

Interview with Kamila Szewczuk, New Creative

If it is not too personal of a question, did the creation of this work come from a place of experience? I feel like such an emotive outcome could not have resulted without having felt this way.

I think the story is quite universal for anyone who has ever moved to a new city or a foreign country on their own. The first few months or so tend to be quite lonely and it takes a little bit of time to adapt and settle in the new situation. I certainly felt that way when I first moved to London six years ago.

How did the creative process work in terms of matching the poem and the visuals? Did you base your illustrations and animations off of the poem or was the poem written in response to the visuals?

The poem was written as a response to the script and animation. I was lucky to be able to collaborate with a bunch of talented creatives and it definitely helped a lot to elevate the animation.

Where did the idea of the mirror being a means of transport to a better place come from?

There are a lot of tales surrounding mirrors. They are sometimes portrayed as portals or means for various spiritual or supernatural entities to reach our realm. Travelling to a "better" world through a mirror is also a metaphor of finding tranquility within yourself as it is immersing into your own reflection. The portal to another universe that Lomo moved into could be seen as an inner journey to approach and process her reality in the "actual" world.

What made you choose a witch-like character to be Lomo’s companion?

I wanted the character that befriends Lomo to portray qualities that normally wouldn't be considered favorable at first sight. It was to highlight that friendships can arise from unexpected places.

How did you get into animation, illustration and film making?

I initially studied graphic design and transferred to an illustration animation course during my second year of BA. I was more inclined towards animation because I felt like it would allow me more creative freedom within storytelling. And also because I like drawing a lot. 

What are you hoping to do next? And what would your dream job be?

I am currently studying at Royal College of Art on MA Narrative Animation course. I'd love to work on indie animated films in the future. 

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