Interview with Lindsay McGhie

We spoke to the Manager of Oxjam Glasgow Takeover Lindsay McGhie, to discuss their celebration of charity and music which is in its 10th year!

Interview with Lindsay McGhie

Can you tell us about your involvement with Oxjam Music Festival?

I am the takeover manager for Oxjam Glasgow, I started working with Oxjam in 2012. I have run events in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I make sure the festival is a success, support Oxfam in all their campaigning and utilise my passion for music to create a great charity event!

And what exactly is Oxjam?

Oxjam started in 2006 with the aim to bring together a network of music-loving volunteers passionate to end poverty and suffering across the globe. Every October hundreds of volunteers run multi-venue music festivals and smaller gigs across the UK to raise money for Oxfam and since it began has raised £2.8 million. Our Glasgow event takes place on Saturday the 15th of October and is set to be a musical extravaganza!

Why involve a charity?

It is one world; why not try to contribute to a better society? Why not give back?

Oxjam puts a lot of emphasis on local artists. Why is that?

At the heart of Oxjam it is a grassroots festival, you use what you have from your community and contribute to a project on a greater scale!

What can we expect at the Glasgow Takeover?

Oxjam Glasgow is one of the biggest multi-venue festivals in Scotland! 10 venues in and around Sauchiehall Street, 1 wristband gives you 12 hours of music and every penny goes to Oxfam! It's a unique and wonderful festival.

Can wristbands be purchased on the day?

Our base is at the CCA on Sauchiehall Street which will be open from 12pm, come along grab a wristband and enjoy the day!

What's your favourite aspect?

My favourite aspect of Oxjam is seeing our volunteers develop their skill set through the craziness of the festival whilst we all learn about the ins and outs of organising events. When your team are happy at the end of the festival it is the best feeling.

How can local artists get involved?

Coming down on the day and stepping in if anything goes wrong as it most likely will, with the nature of festivals! That and checking the website for future events

How often does the festival run? How many cities and when?

Oxjam is UK wide and runs every October; it consists of 40 plus festivals all over the country! Check out the website for more details!

How does the festival differ from city to city?

Because it is a grassroots festival, all events will be localised, the bands will be different, and you will see a huge range of talent, genres and themes! Even from my work at the Edinburgh Oxjam event and Glasgow there is complete variety which makes it an exciting place to be.

Any particular event you're looking forward to in Glasgow?


When will the festival be back?

Next October! Keep an eye out for all the events.

Anything I haven't asked that you think our readers should know?

Most of the artists playing are very emerging in the Glasgow scene; this is something you won't get at any other festival! It will be a truly special occasion.

Visit their website for more information on how to get involved with Oxjam and future events!


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