Interview with Piff the Magic Dragon

In the run up to Voice's latest coverage of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we have dozens of interviews with performers like the multi-award winning magic dragon, Piff, and his chihuahua Mr Piffles, who we'll be seeing up there.

Interview with Piff the Magic Dragon

Firstly, could you introduce yourself, and give a quick summary of your show?

My name's Piff the Magic Dragon. You might have heard of my older brother? Dave. I'm dragon performing magic assisted by Mr Piffles, the world's only magic performing Chihuahua.

What is your earliest arts memory?

Practicing card tricks in the cave a couple of weeks after I first hatched.

What first encouraged you to become a performer?

An insatiable lust for gold.

Do you remember your first professional performance, and how did it go?

Yes. It was three minutes of brilliance. Sadly I was on stage for twenty. But it showed promise.

What do you feel is the best thing about your job?

Performing every night. It's my favourite thing to do and I'm grateful for every night I get to do it.

Conversely, what is the worst?

The flying. Boy, are my arms tired. Because dragons can fly. They can literally fly? Forget it. I'm wasted.

How do you decide whether or not a show has gone well?

The audience usually helps rid me of any uncertainty.

If you could work with anybody, dead or alive, who would you choose to collaborate with?

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Total MILF.

What made you want to come to Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

I was starting to get too happy living in Vegas. I need a good old three weeks of rain and castle envy to get my grump on again.

Is performing at EdFringe different from 'traditional' shows?

Yes. Traditionally, when performing shows, you make money.

Piff The Magic Dragon 'Direct From Las Vegas' will be at the Assembly George Square Theatre from 3rd – 13th August for tickets go to


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  • Diana Walton

    On 10 August 2016, 20:52 Diana Walton Voice Team commented:

    Love this, met a few chihuahuas, but never a dragon

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