Gold EXPO special: Vicki Taylor

Vicki, after finishing her Gold, became an Arts Award Advisor at all five levels for Work in Progress Arts and strives to improve inclusion for all young people within the arts.

Gold EXPO special: Vicki Taylor

What are you up to in your work at the moment, and what are you looking forward to?

I am an Arts Award Adviser at all 5 levels and am also studying to become an Inclusion Specialist at the University of Birmingham. I am looking forward to ensuring that all Arts Award Clubs are inclusive of all children and young people no matter what disabilities they may have.

Can you tell us a bit about the process you've been through from getting your Gold to where you are today?

After I achieved my Gold Arts Award I went to university to study Drama and Education Studies. Meanwhile I also continued working with Work in Progress Arts (WiP) for whom I became an Arts Award Adviser. I shadowed Ruth Richardson in Arts Award Club delivery for the following few years until I felt confident to continue on my own. Now I am a Lead Arts Award Adviser for WiP and I love my job!

How were things different, if at all, to how you expected them to be when you were doing your Gold?

I thought that the Arts World would be very difficult to work in but as a result of my Gold Arts Award, I picked up on opportunities within the Arts which I researched and subsequently got involved in.

What can we expect from you at the Gold Expo?

At the Gold Expo I will be performing 4 of my poems including my famous poem Diagnosis, as well as poems about the Arts Award.5 If you have finished your Gold, how did doing it benefit you? If you're undertaking your Gold, how are you finding it? Why do you think young people should pursue one?

How did doing Gold benefit you?

The Gold Arts Award benefited me greatly as I was able to get myself a place at university despite not having the grades to do so. I also learned new skills during my Gold Arts Award such as research skills, planning and review skills, and leadership skills.


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