Voice is returning to Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

We are hitting it harder with more shows, more interviews, and more ways to catch up with our content

Voice is returning to Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Festival month is upon up, and I couldn't wait to break the news that Voice will once more be returning up to the beautiful Scottish capital to cover the largest arts festival in the world!

For those of you who are new around here, or perhaps don't remember, last year a team of 6 young reporters headed up to Edinburgh to review shows, conduct interviews, and generally try to capture the spirit of the festival for those who weren't able to attend in person. If you would like to see last years coverage, they are all available in the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Voicebox.

We went with a set of targets, but thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the team, as well as the overwhelmingly supportive Fringe workers, we smashed those targets. We reviewed over 70 shows over the course of a week, with the team tirelessly seeking out the best and most innovative shows the Fringe had to offer, to bring them to your attention. We got some incredible interviews with theatre companies and comedians such as Andrew Lawrence.

Our Twitter feed was overwhelmed with your comments, show requests, and praise for the coverage we provided during our time there, and this year we wanted to raise the bar again.

We are going to be in Edinburgh this year from 6-13th August. We want to get more interviews, review more shows, provide opinion pieces and use social media even more effectively to comunicate with you as our audience.

While I can't give you all the details of what we have lined up yet (it would ruin the surprise!) I can tell you that the best place to catch all of our content will be right here on the Voice website. Of course, if you want more behind the scene looks at how our time is going, then you would be wise to head on over to our Twitter account and hit that big follow button! Exclusive news will always find its way onto there, including information on some of the new ways we hope to capture the magic of Edinburgh.

However, being the innovative, outward facing website that we are, we are also looking for your opinions on how you would like us to cover Edinburgh. Is there a particular medium you think will enhance your enjoyment? Should we be doing daily round ups of the best shows we saw? Would you want TL;DR summaries? 30 second round up reviews? As leader of this project, and Deputy Editor I am very open to suggestions. We provide this coverage for you, and if there are ways we can make this process better for you, then I am receptive to your ideas. Of course, we might not be able to implement them all this time round, but it will certainly help to feedback for future projects.

Equally, if you are taking a show up to Edinburgh, or are connected in some way to a show, I would love to know. Maybe we could come and review you, or provide an interview. Fire an email my way ( [email protected]) and I will see what we can do.

Remember though, you should definitely follow us on Twitter, and keep checking back to this website for news and information. We have some announcements coming up soon that I am so excited to share with you, and I am certain you're going to love them.

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Tom Inniss

Tom Inniss Voice Team

Tom is the Editor of Voice. He is a politics graduate and holds a masters in journalism, with particular interest in youth political engagement and technology. He is also a mentor to our Voice Contributors, and champions our festivals programme, including the reporter team at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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