Tom Williams | TrinityTalent 2020

Tom Williams was selected for Progress for TrinityTalent for his Arts Award achievements. 

15-year-old Tom was nominated for TrinityTalent 2020 for his achievements in sculpture for his Silver Arts Award. He completed Arts Award with Hampton School where he learnt the art of clay modelling and even led a workshop with a local primary school. 

Tom was nominated by his mother Rachel Williams. Rachel said: "Tom is usually an incredibly quiet boy, someone who shies away from the spotlight, so it was wonderful to see him discover the maturity and energy to successfully lead, present and deliver his wonderful workshop! After lots of practice, Tom acquired a robust level of competence in clay modelling and began working on his final presentation piece – a racing car. Tom found that working with clay was a rewarding escape from the normal busy bustle of life and the habitual tendency to relax in front of a screen!"

The Trinity judges said: "We were impressed by Tom's leadership in working with an entire class demonstrating skills beyond his years. Tom's confidence clearly increased confidence he had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve and achieved it. He seemed incredibly prepared and developed a multitude of facilitation skills, which has produced good results."

How has your Trinity College London qualification influenced your progress with your art? 

My Arts Award qualification has really boosted my confidence, not only in the craft of clay modelling but also in my leadership skills. I had never presented a workshop to so many children (30), and it was quite daunting! But I meticulously prepared, practised, and delivered the workshop successfully, way beyond my own hopes and expectations. As a result, my confidence to share ideas amongst my own peer group has been boosted, and I feel capable of leading more art workshops in the future. 

Has taking part in a Trinity qualification helped you to develop wider skills?  

I think my Arts Award has allowed me to learn patience within the creative process and has reinforced the importance of design and planning before embarking on creating a piece of art, particularly clay modelling. 

What are the next steps for you following your qualification? 

I am using my presenting skills at school to share ideas in lessons. I am also keen to use the modelling skills I honed during Arts Award to inform my Design and Technology GCSE coursework.

What are your career aims? 

I would like to go on to study design engineering or computing, using both my technical and creative skills in some way. My model of a racing car for Arts Award was based on my love of green energy within the motorsports industry. 

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards an Arts Award or Trinity qualification? 

Go for it! You might surprise yourself, and will learn a great deal.

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Trinity Talent

Trinity Talent

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