Michael Nash | TrinityTalent 2021

TrinityTalent celebrates Bronze Arts Award achiever Michael Nash. He was selected for a Special Mention.

Michael Nash | TrinityTalent 2021

22-year-old Michael was nominated for TrinityTalent Class of 2021 for Arts Award and was selected for a Special Mention. He worked towards his Bronze Arts Award with Venture Arts, a charity that supports people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential. 

During his time with the charity in 2021, Michael experimented with acrylic paint, film and digital art. He learnt how to use the software programme Fresco, and went on to transform the acrylic painting he had originally started in the Venture Arts studio into a vibrant stylised digital painting. He then created and edited a 13-minute video tutorial to help others learn to draw on Fresco. He went on to receive a commission to create the artwork for a Venture Arts charity campaign and was involved in creating artwork for the Manchester HOMEmcr Open exhibition campaign

Michael was nominated by his art tutor, Laura Nathan, from Venture Arts, who said: "Michael is an excellent example of what can be achieved when committing, giving your all and overcoming obstacles. He has used Arts Award as a platform to kickstart a wonderful creative practice and the progress he has made and his personal growth has been wonderful to see."

The TrinityTalent panel said:"Michael succeeded in adapting to learning online despite challenges in his personal circumstances and working with new platforms. His creative approach bears fruit that can be seen in the quality of his artwork.”

How do you feel about being selected to be part of TrinityTalent Class of 2021 and being recognised in this way?

I am proud to be selected.

How do you feel you have developed creatively and artistically in 2021?

I have developed my drawing and digital painting skills and have also learned to use the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, Fresco and Procreate.

What impact did your Arts Award achievement have on your artistic development?

It provided me with a framework to focus on during lockdown. Working with Venture Arts on Arts Award was very good.

Has taking part in an Arts Award helped you to develop wider skills, such as communication skills, creativity or confidence?

Yes, it has helped me be more creative and improved my communication skills. It helped me to be confident in using Zoom which we needed to do the work with Venture Arts.

What are the next steps for you artistically and creatively in 2022?

I want to learn more about animation and website design, carry on doing digital painting with Procreate, and keep attending Venture Arts regularly.

What are your longer term aims, for example for your future studies or work?

To carry on enjoying doing art. I don’t know whether I will do further art studies or artistic work, but I will continue to attend Venture Arts, which I enjoy very much as it gives me the opportunity to try all sorts of different art activities.

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards an Arts Award?

Enjoy it! When I was doing Arts Award, I was able to explore areas I enjoyed and was interested in things, like digital art and Shakespeare. It made it fun to do!

Is there anything creative you’re currently working on you’d like to tell us about?

I am doing a cultural enrichment programme with Venture Arts focused on organising an art exhibition. I am also learning to make animations using Google Earth Studio.

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