Gold Arts Award Acrylic Painting Feedback

Acrylic painting. Feedback please. 

My name is Aleena and I paint for my gold arts award. For this piece I have tried to recreate Jim Martinez's "Centennial Engine". This was chosen because it seemed to fit perfectly into an art genre I really like, abstract pop art.

Hours went into this painting because of the details, which I didn`t really notice when I was picking it out. However, the process was fun so I would do it again.

I have attached a couple of photos in order for feedback, some of these are close ups. If you could point out my strengths and weaknesses, what you like/don`t like it would be really appreciated. Thank you.


aleena ahmed

aleena ahmed

My name is Aleena Ahmed, I am a 16 year old currently participating in the Golds Art Award. I like all forms of art but I chose to do painting as I dont have much experience in it.

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