How jewellery can express your identity

How we can use jewellery and gemstones to showcase who we are

How jewellery can express your identity

We all want to express who we are. Some people are quite overt about this while others are more conservative. Often we tell the world about ourselves through the way we dress, and most of us have a “style” which we like and are recognised for by our peers and colleagues. Jewellery is another way that we can express our identity if you think about the men’s watches, or a style of ring that you may associate one of your female friends with wearing.

One way that people express themselves through jewellery is via gemstone types. It may be that they include their birthstone in jewellery or they could be closely associated with diamonds or rubies; these are all factors that represent freedom of expression and can be innate to each individual. They are a reflection on your personality and give those around you an indication about the type of person that you are.

The desire to be unique

To a certain degree, we all want to be unique as it sets us apart from others. It can be a reflection on your beliefs, your attributes or perhaps your attitude. Something about you will be significantly different from your friends and even family members. Think about your birthday, where you were born or maybe your favourite colour. These are all things that can be reflected through jewellery. Often girls in certain cultures are given their first set of earrings with their birthstone in them. It is symbolic, and they will wish to cherish – if not wear – them for the rest of their lives.

Your personal stamp

Even from a young age, many of us want to be known for whom we are, and often this is a form of personal stamp. It might be a haircut, a style of clothing, a watch or a necklace that you have worn consistently for years. When others describe you, it is often one of the things that you are associated with and becomes almost an aspect of your personality. Often jewellery is far more subtle than a particular style of clothing, but it can make a big statement. Indeed, there are often celebrities and successful business people that you might associate an item of jewellery with and it becomes almost a trademark.

It can replicate or be different from your regular style

It is very rarely true that someone “hasn’t got a style” although some will go great lengths to deny it. The fact is, they do have a style but it may be a style which is more subconscious. For example, they may prefer to wear a neatly pressed shirt and trousers rather than jeans and a T-shirt. The same is true of men who like a specific brand of watch or ladies who like gold necklaces with a pendant. While it may not be a conscious style decision to choose those items, it is nevertheless a conscious decision to wear because they simply like them.

For those who are proud of their style, they could choose jewellery that matches – such as something minimalist, classic or even bohemian. Jewellery is often chosen to accentuate any style, such as a staple necklace that matches any item of clothing, smart or casual. You could opt for diamond earrings that reflect your identity and your association with understated luxury and refinement.

Jewellery representing names or your birthstone

 Some of the most popular jewellery designs when it comes to expressing identity are necklaces that include a name, perhaps their own or that of a loved one. The characters are often written in Roman script, Arabic or Hebrew. This can be due to religious beliefs or because it has more of a private or secret meaning. Necklaces and earrings containing their birthstone are often given as gifts to young girls. Jewellery like this is symbolic and has meaning so is usually kept for a lifetime and only worn occasionally in adulthood.

Jewellery is versatile

There are lots of types of jewellery that can be worn with a variety of outfits. When we think again of necklaces, watches, earrings or rings, unless they are making a bold statement or your occasion requires you to make a bold statement, they suit most settings. In several cultures, necklaces say something about a person such as gold representing wealth in Asia. They can be removed and cleaned easily and range in price from relatively cheap to incredibly expensive.

Jewellery can be an heirloom

It is common for jewellery to be passed down from one generation to the next, so, in some cases, has more sentimental rather than financial value. However, the term “family silver” can sometimes represent the monetary value of the item, and it becomes something of a legacy. Sentimental pieces may include birthstone earrings of a grandmother, and by wearing them, you are remembering that person or maintaining a family tradition.

Jewellery is an outlet for introverts

As we touched upon, some people claim not to have a style, when in reality, consciously or subconsciously, we all have one. Often individuals want to have a style but are perhaps shy or more introvert. Jewellery is an opportunity to express your artistic inclination, a more subtle way for you to introduce colours and different designs. It may be that you’re aware that you are expressing your identity, but it is so subtle that others may not notice.

Small pieces of jewellery can make big statements about your personality. It can be items that draw comments or, alternatively, one where no additional comment is required. They can often reflect your preferences or inclinations, such as being a follower of a religion. It will say a lot about who you are, what you believe in and, sometimes your own morals.

Jewellery as a gift

Finally, giving jewellery as a gift is one of the most thoughtful gestures that people can make, especially if it has some special meaning. For example, earrings with birthstones, or for grander gestures, such as proposing with a diamond engagement ring. In the case of an engagement ring, it represents two people’s identity merging into one and symbolises a future together.

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