Interview with JADE., the band

Interview with New Jersey-based band JADE.! 

Interview with JADE., the band

JADE., a band with a wide future ahead. In this interview, Jeanine DeLuca (lead singer), Anthony Caicedo (lead guitarist), Bryan Eidson (bassist) and Rob Greene (drummer), tell us about their history, their music, the recording of their first EP "Blurred" and their plans after the pandemic is over. After reading this, make sure to give them a listen! 

How did everything begin? 

Jeanine: JADE. began in November 2018 after I wrote our first single “Petals.” I showed the idea to Anthony and we recorded it the next day! 

How did you come up with the name?

Jeanine: The name comes from my initials JD. If you were to say them out loud, without the extra “e” sound at the end, you would get our band name JADE.! 

What kind of music do you make? 

Tony: We have a more modern style of rock! Kind of like pop punk, but not exactly. Some people have compared us to Evanescence!

Rob: Whenever people who haven’t listened to us ask me about us, I usually say we sort of sound like a mix of Paramore and Blink-182. 

Jeanine: I’m still not really sure what specific genre we fit into! I generally just say we’re a rock band. We’ve gotten many comparisons to Paramore’s earlier music. 

Who’s the songwriter? or is it something you all do?

Bryan: Jeanine writes most of the lyrics, and all four of us contribute to the instrumental parts. Anthony and I work in tandem to create bass and guitar parts, and Rob fills in the rest with his drum parts. 

What are your musical influences?

Jeanine: My main musical influences are Green Day, Incubus, Mayday Parade, Pierce the Veil, and PVRIS. 

Anthony: For me, my main influences would be Slash, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Dave Mustaine, and John Frusciante.

Bryan: My main influence as a bassist can be directly traced back to Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers (original, I know). I try my hardest to incorporate parts of his playstyle into my own and create my own funky grooves.

Rob: I enjoy a variety of different genres. Some of the artists I’m a huge fan of and love are Incubus, Coldplay, Nirvana, Post Malone, Pearl Jam, Metallica and of course Travis Barker. I enjoy a lot of alternative, punk rock, and rap. 

How is like a JADE. rehearsal?

Tony: We show up to my place and we run through the songs, work on some new material, share some laughs, and then end the night with Hibachi!

Let’s talk about your first EP, Blurred. Can you tell us a bit of the story behind it? 

Jeanine: The EP started with a bunch of little guitar and lyric ideas. From there, we would FaceTime our producer Blake and come up with the majority of each song! We continued a lot of lyric writing once we were in the studio in Dallas. When I was writing the lyrics I pulled a lot of inspiration from personal experiences. The final track on the EP “All I Wanted” was written while I was thinking a lot about the future. After I wrote the initial guitar riff you hear at the beginning and end of the song, the lyrics sort of just followed! That and “Breathless” were the easiest songs to write. 

How were the recording sessions?

Tony: The recording sessions were very lengthy! We were at Blake’s studio from 10 in the morning until midnight working endlessly to perfect each song. It was mentally exhausting but an incredibly fun time.

Jeanine: Recording was awesome! We knew Blake from his previous band Oh, Weatherly and were lucky enough to work with him on this EP. We had a great time co-writing over FaceTime every week, so once we got out to Texas it was a blast! 

I’ve seen on your Instagram stories that you’re working on new music, right? What is it going to be like?

Jeanine: Our new music will still sound like JADE., but we’ve definitely evolved since “Blurred.” I think the songs will be even more personal on this EP and hopefully our listeners can relate when they hear them! 

Can you give us any date?

Bryan: There's no specific date because of the whole situation with the world right now, but we hope to write and record everything that we can and get it out as soon as possible.

About your music. In general. What message do you seek to convey through it? 

Jeanine: Honestly when I write songs, it’s my way of getting through negative situations I’ve been in. I hope when listening to our songs people get the message that we’ve all had bad experiences, and even if they’re not the same as the person next to us, we can all connect through music. If our songs can brighten someone’s day that’s my ultimate goal!  

Anything else you’d like to say? 

Bryan: We’re extremely excited to get back out in the scene and play some more shows! We have plenty of merch for sale on our website too, check it out! Also, listen to Blurred!

Rob: We’re super excited to get back out there after these tough times the world’s been through. The four of us are craving to play live again, get all of our music out and give all our fans some great music. Everyone should go stream our EP Blurred on all platforms and give us a follow on social media. 

Jeanine: Thank you Voice Magazine UK for this interview! And if you’re reading this, please check out our EP “Blurred” on any streaming platform or CD (available on our website Also feel free to give us a follow on Instagram (@jadetheband) or Twitter (@_jadetheband_). We hope to be releasing new music soon and getting back to playing shows! I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe and the music scene can be up and running again soon! 



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