royal stratford theatre Workshop

i went to visit the royal Statford theatre for the work experiences.

The theater i been to was at the royal stradford theater for the work experience, inside the theater we met 5 member of the theater and they both had different job role such as the lighting,sound,stage manager and props.

we visit these job role and learning different type of skill that can provide me great skills, i can be confidence for the future jobs at the royal stratford theatre.

what i really enjoy about this theatre, was meeting new people and learning them and give us advice of the different type of job act 

lightning manager teach us about the lighting elements such as different number that is indicating of which lighting position is on, so for example the was number 25 which is on the left side on the front stage and another thing to mention is she taught us how it like to manage the lighting skill and can be a great benefit of  the skill you can become if you're really in to more technology.

this was the most fun part, because i really enthusiastic with all type of computer and tech that i want to enrage and learn new thing everyday.  


  • Luke Taylor

    On 18 May 2018, 10:33 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Technical Theatre is a great path to be on :)

  • Jason Lam

    On 19 May 2018, 20:44 Jason Lam commented:

    Yep it not that easy to be a technical theatre but i guess Junel got use to it.

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