Arts Award Debate: High cost theatre courses!

Hello everyone. I am collecting a survey for my gold arts award debate. I would be very grateful if you can fill in my survey. It only takes a few minutes! 

No Pay: No Way: A debate regarding overpriced theatre courses which are denying young people from low-income backgrounds the chance to develop skills and knowledge in acting and theatre.

Arts Award Debate: High cost theatre courses!

Kind regards,

Harriet Marie Mayne.


Harriet Mayne

Harriet Mayne

Drama graduate, looking for work experience within the theatre industry in community theatre and live events. Gold Arts Award Student.

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  • Sally Zabroski

    On 3 April 2018, 11:30 Sally Zabroski Team Member commented:

    I have completed the survey! Doesn't take too long, and asks some interesting questions and makes you think about the future of arts and theatre courses. Thanks Harriet, I hope the rest of your Gold Arts Award goes well.

  • Emrys Green

    On 3 April 2018, 17:59 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    A really interesting debate and look forward to hearing about what sort of responses you get :)

  • Harriet Mayne

    On 3 April 2018, 22:31 Harriet Mayne commented:

    Hi Emrys and Sally! Many thanks for your comments and for completing my survey. There are some interesting discussion points been made. Please feel free to share with other arts award students if they will be interested in sharing their thoughts.

    Thank you again for your help and support. :)

  • Julia Williams

    On 16 April 2018, 07:23 Julia Williams commented:

    Survey done, I wish you all the best with your Gold Arts Award and with your future Performing Arts endeavours

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