Metropolis Studio Launches Furniture Pieces MOM

Award-winning creative studio Metropolis expands into interior design and introduces a new line of unique furniture pieces designed to serve as architectural metaphors. 

Metropolis Studio Launches Furniture Pieces MOM

Award-winning creative studio Metropolis expands into interior design and introduces a new line of unique furniture pieces designed to serve as architectural metaphors. The collection, called ‘MOM' - produced together with CAREL WoodWorks - not only offers functionality and aesthetics but also portrays a complex narrative of femininity, maternal love, and design evolution in a symbolic and captivating way.

 The theme of infinity is a profound and symbolic thread that delicately weaves through each piece, encapsulating the timeless essence of a mother's love. The infinity symbol represents boundless connection and eternal bonds and is a central motif seamlessly integrated into designs that foster togetherness and warmth, enveloping cherished moments in an everlasting embrace.

In MOM form and function come together to offer not only physical support but also an emotionally resonant experience. Achieving this requires meticulously examining ergonomic principles and carefully selecting materials to provide an extended tactile experience, inviting a deeper connection with every touch.


MOM – Coffee Table

“Rooted in the values of care, kindness, and infinite love, ‘MOM’ encapsulates the essence of a mother's unwavering embrace and embodies the timeless values essential to a peaceful and nurturing environment,” Metropolis' founder and leading creative Dragos Epure explains. Each piece has been crafted to embody the everlasting essence of a mother's embrace, providing comfort and care that only a mother can give. Its muted colours and soft textures convey a serene and nurturing environment, encouraging a feeling of calm and tranquillity”. 

The wood element brings a sense of stability and timelessness to the living space, reminiscent of the solid foundation of a family, which transcends trends and time. It provides a sensory experience that is not only distinguished by the warmth of the material but also by its curve complementing the furniture's design, symbolising the embrace of a mother.


MOM – Couch

“The designs incorporate gentle curves that are warm and comforting, much like a mother's embrace. You can notice the softness and warmth of the carefully chosen fabrics as you touch the smooth edges. This creates an atmosphere that is more than just visually pleasing; it's an intimate expression of cosiness,” adds Epure.

With a one million euro turnover, Metropolis continues to pursue exciting new design projects. The creative studio continues to pursue exciting new design projects, diversifying its business portfolio with an additional focus on interior design and apparel. 

Making its mark on the international stage, Metropolis won the Biophilic Design Award for their exceptional design of Hiro Bay in 2022. This emerging concept focuses on integrating natural elements, such as plants and light, into indoor spaces. Their dedication to sustainable and innovative design has positioned them as a leading designer in the industry. Metropolis Studio has also undertaken projects of great social importance that involve transforming public spaces in Bucharest, aiming to redefine the urban canvas of the city, which is dominated by office buildings surrounded by concrete and parking lots. 

Header Image Credit: Metropolis - MOM


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