Exploring Shane Rennison's Latest Release "What You Need To Know"

Singer-songwriter Shane Rennison returns to the spotlight with his latest single, "What You Need To Know", a captivating indie pop/rock gem produced by the talented Julian Giaimo. 

"What You Need To Know" is a refreshing blend of indie pop and rock, characterized by infectious rhythms and an upbeat, energetic mood that is sure to get listeners moving. Shane Rennison's signature style, crafted on the acoustic guitar, shines through, offering a soul-stirring journey that leaves a lasting impression.

The song delves into the pitfalls of self-absorption and the importance of emotional growth. The lyrics cut through with honesty and depth, offering advice to those who prioritize superficiality over genuine connection. Despite its upbeat melody, the track delivers a powerful message about the consequences of neglecting emotional development. It's like a letter to the self-absorbed, a reminder that looks fade and success isn't guaranteed. Shane Rennison navigates this delicate balance with finesse, delivering a song that is both catchy and meaningful.

Hailing from the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, Rennison draws inspiration from his mountain home, infusing his music with a sense of authenticity and depth. Despite being relatively new to the scene, he has already garnered recognition from fans and critics alike.



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