Linndsyeah's Electro-Pop Journey in "Don't Wanna Know Why"

Singer/Producer Linndsyeah shared "don't wanna know why." Delving into the complexities of relationship losses and power struggles, Linndsyeah's introspective lyrics and mesmerizing melodies offer a poignant glimpse into the human experience.

The song emerges as a reflection of Linndsyeah's journey of self-discovery and acceptance, encapsulating the realization that some connections are destined to end, and embracing personal growth amidst adversity is paramount.

Linndsyeah's creative process for "don't wanna know why" wcame to life amidst the challenge of producing one song daily. She found herself captivated by the melody and lyrics of this particular track, crafted against the backdrop of a heavy drum kit loop and distorted piano chords reminiscent of a guitar. It became what we know now as the final version of "don't wanna know why'.

As both a singer and a producer, Linndsyeah navigates the intricate balance between creativity and perfectionism. She acknowledges the challenges of striving for authenticity while ensuring a polished final product, emphasizing the importance of embracing imperfection as part of the creative process.

Looking ahead, Linndsyeah's upcoming debut album, "How Does it Feel", promises to be a captivating exploration of intimacy and emotional turmoil, just like "don't wanna know why".

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