Limerence Unveils Explosive Single "BLOOD&HONEY" Ahead of Debut Album Release

French Pop Rock group Limerence takes a decisive turn, embracing a style marked by vibrant pop-rock melodies and, notably, their first venture into writing in French with "BLOOD&HONEY".

The song, inspired by the iconic duo Bonnie and Clyde, paints a vivid picture of passion and rebellion, underscored by an infectious bassline and a memorable guitar solo. Frontman Remy Brugère brings the narrative to life with a visually stunning music video, awash in shades of red and pulsating with energy.

The evolution of Limerence began on the Basque coast of France where members of metal bands DOJ and Back Garden Light embarked on a new musical journey. United by a shared love for indie pop, the group found inspiration in themes of love and human connection, reflecting on the universal experience of personal growth and self-discovery.

Driven by a passion for self-discipline and introspection, Limerence explores the depths of human emotion through their music, offering listeners a window into their collective psyche. With "BLOOD&HONEY", they invite audiences to join them on a thrilling ride filled with romance, rebellion, and unbridled energy.

Their debut album 'Lightning Smash' was released right after so make sure you listen to all the tracks below


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