Kai Iden's Journey: From K-Pop Dance Contests to Synthwave Ballad "Nothing"

Hailing from France, Kai Iden is an artist whose electrifying pop-electro performances blend original compositions with captivating covers. A unique aspect of his shows is the seamless integration of visually appealing dance routines.

Kai Iden's artistic journey began at a young age, fueled by a passion for dance. However, it wasn't until 2007 that he fell head over heels for Asian music, particularly the infectious beats of K-Pop. Fast forward to 2011, a pivotal year when he took the stage at a prestigious national K-Pop dance competition, securing an impressive second place.

This marked the inception of Kai's musical career. Embracing his love for K-pop, he embarked on a journey of vocal training and began covering hits from his favorite groups. In 2016, he independently produced his debut EP, "Midnight Sun", setting the stage for numerous shows across France and internationally until 2019. Notable performances include Fribourg in Germany and Naples, Italy, during the Comicon.

The global pause in 2020 prompted by the pandemic became an opportunity for Kai Iden to step back into the studio. Seizing the moment, he worked tirelessly on his second EP, setting the stage for his return in 2021 with the album "RESET". The comeback saw him gracing stages in France, Poland at "Magnificon" in Krakow, and Rimini, Italy, during a festival.

A highlight of 2021 was Kai's impressive appearance on the French television show "La France a un incroyable talent" (France Got Talent) showcasing his track "Dance" from the "RESET" EP.

In 2023, Kai Iden continues to enthrall audiences across France and neighboring French-speaking countries like Switzerland and Belgium, as well as international destinations such as Latvia and Italy. Amidst his busy tour schedule, Kai is actively working on his third EP, an ambitious project titled "Cyber_Pop".

The EP will mark a significant departure from the K-Pop landscape, as he endeavors to carve out his distinct style in the pop-electro genre. It is a pioneering effort to popularize the "Cyberpunk/Synthwave" style in France, introducing audiences to a fresh and innovative musical experience.

One of the standout tracks from "Cyber_Pop" is "Nothing" a mesmerizing synthwave ballad featuring the enchanting vocals of Sasha from the group "Starrysky". 

As Kai Iden looks forward to the release of "Cyber_Pop" and the exploration of futuristic influences, fans can anticipate a sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of traditional pop-electro. With "Nothing" as a tantalizing preview, Kai Iden invites listeners to embrace a new era in his musical evolution, setting the stage for an EP that promises to be a groundbreaking chapter in his artistic narrative.

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