Unveiling the Soulful Magic of Olivia Junholm

Olivia Junholm, a Swedish pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, has been making waves with her unique blend of soulful vocals, dreamy pop melodies, and jazzy undertones.

Olivia Junholm's vocal prowess is nothing short of extraordinary. With a voice that possesses both power and emotion, she has the ability to command attention and stir the deepest of feelings. Recognized by RockNBold as a force to be reckoned with, Junholm's live performances have captivated audiences around the world. From global music forums like Sofar Sounds to local LA gems such as The Peppermint Club and Hotel Cafe, her performances have a unique ability to make the world go silent, leaving listeners entranced by her soulful melodies.

What sets Olivia Junholm apart is not just her voice, but also her ability to seamlessly blend genres and influences. Her music fuses dreamy pop with hints of jazz, creating a sonic landscape that is both familiar and refreshing. The authenticity of her sound is evident in the way her big, soulful vocals intertwine with catchy melodies, electronic beats, and jazzy guitar tunes. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists including Emily King, Olivia Rodrigo, Amy Winehouse, and Olivia Dean, Junholm's music is a true testament to her eclectic taste and creative vision.

As Olivia Junholm's musical journey continues to evolve, she's stepping into a new chapter with her latest single, "Feelings Too". Produced by the talented Jorge Blanco Leal, the song is a deeply personal creation written by Junholm herself. It delves into the complex realm of emotions that come with love, heartbreak, and infidelity. Through her evocative lyrics and soul-stirring vocals, Junholm invites listeners to embark on an emotional roller coaster, exploring the highs and lows of human connection.

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