Tycho Embarks on a New Journey with "Time To Run"

The electronic music world is abuzz with excitement as Tycho, the two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, unveils a new chapter in his sonic exploration with the release of the captivating single "Time To Run".

The single, now available via Ninja Tune/Mom + Pop Music, marks a return to Tycho's instrumental roots, showcasing his signature blend of mesmerizing synth, intricate guitar work, and energetic beats. Accompanying this release is an evocative music video that offers a glimpse into the artist's personal journey.

"Time To Run" is more than just a song; it's a manifestation of Tycho's musical evolution. Known for his vocal experiments in previous projects, Tycho returns to his instrumental roots in this track. The song features the collaborative efforts of Tycho mastermind Scott Hansen and drummer Kaelin Ellis, resulting in a synergy of rhythm and melody. With vibrant synths, a distinctive guitar riff by longtime Tycho guitarist Zac Brown, and pulsating beats, "Time To Run" paints a vivid soundscape that captivates listeners from start to finish.

Hansen's inspiration for the track is deeply personal. He recalls his time as a competitive runner, using loops of music in his mind to find solace during races. This unique connection between music and physical activity inspired "Time To Run," allowing Hansen to translate the meditative qualities of running into a musical composition. The track's rhythmic elements take the lead, while the familiar melodic components that define Tycho's sound are reimagined against a backdrop influenced by funk music.

Zac Brown, the guitarist, adds his own perspective to the track's evolution. He praises Hansen's innovative approach, turning an initial subdued guitar idea into a funky and bouncy musical journey. The result is a blend of artistic visions that truly represents Tycho's growth and experimentation.

The visually striking music video was directed by filmmaker Patrick Elmore. The video offers a glimpse into Hansen's autobiographical story, centered around a cross-country race he participated in. The narrative captures the essence of a solitary pursuit, where the outside world's expectations fade as the race begins. Hansen's experience of pressure, physical stress, and the desire to keep running serves as a metaphor for breaking free from external expectations and finding inner peace. Through captivating visuals, the video encapsulates the emotional and physical journey of the artist.

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